• A timeless classic!
  • Flexible metal means it will fit anyone
  • Bright green shield design
  • Perfect for primary classes
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    The timeless classic. These are the standard Primary issue rings that have been around for nearly 4 decades. They're adjustable, and they turn your finger green!

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    CTR Ring

    By: marlene on: 12/2/2019
    Loved it

    CTR Ring

    By: Pat B. on: 11/30/2019
    The lettering is crisp and clear. It fit perfectly on my pinky finger and is very comfortable, with no rough edges.

    CTR rings

    By: CRYSTAL on: 6/22/2019
    I ordered CTR rings but I got I am a CHILD of God rings
    I gave them to the children and it turned out ok

    Traditional kids CTR rong

    By: DFWillians on: 11/24/2018
    Kids in our family have admired my husband’s and my CTR rings for years. They even check our hands to make sure we still have and are wearing them. These rings are close in appearance and make them feel as if they not only have made their own commitment to choose the right, they have their own little reminder and conversation starter to share the message to choose the right with their nonmember schoolmates!

    This was for my great granddaughter

    By: Myrtle Pate on: 11/17/2018
    She just turned 8 and wanted a CTR ring really bad. Her mom ask me to get one for her and I did order it. It took about a week to get the ring and she is so very excited. What could be better than that.