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    The timeless classic. These are the standard Primary issue rings that have been around for nearly 4 decades. They're adjustable, and they turn your finger green!

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    By: Barbara on: 8/28/2017
    These rings are the best for little children. They can adjust to their finger.

    Kid's love it

    By: Wendy a Primary Teacher on: 7/30/2017
    I thought it was very expensive with shipping for tin rings. It was around $20.00 for 7 or so tin CTR rings that I am certain the children will loose. They children were very happy to get these rings though. That made me feel good.

    By: SDJ1 on: 5/31/2017
    Great for primary!

    By: Camryn Iverson on: 5/26/2017
    Perfect gift for any child! It's my baptism go to gift.

    Primary students' reward

    By: Carole on: 1/17/2017
    I enjoy being able to give them something memorable when we have a reason to do so. I had initially purchased this with 4-8 day delivery for a special treasure hunt we were having as part of our lesson last Sunday. It actually took an additional week on top of that and we finally received the rings today - 3 days too late.

    Consequently, we had to come up with a new treasure for that lesson. I would have thought that the significant charge for shipping would enable them to be processed in a more timely manner. I find it had to believe that it took almost three weeks to travel such a small, light package.