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We are aware of the blessings that information and technology can be in our lives in our modern day. The ability to research family history, listen to General Conference, read the scriptures, and look up Ensign talks online can help us grow and progress spiritually.

We are also aware of the tremendous risk that individuals and families take by having computers and the internet in our homes. Pornography, chat rooms, and anti-Mormon literature are easily accessible and can destroy the soul. In the March 2001 Ensign, William C Porter wrote: "When we ignore the urge to satisfy curiosity about things the world may consider acceptable, we build strength to resist temptation and show that we value gospel standards."

In an effort to make 2020 a great year full of spiritual progression and faith-building experiences, we want to do what we can to help resist temptation. CTR Ring Shop has teamed up with Elvtech, a Utah web design company and created a FREE, eye-catching CTR wallpaper background for your computer! We believe that having CTR on our fingers and our computers will help us choose the right.

Help us make a difference by sharing this free CTR wallpaper with all your friends and family members.
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1. Open the image based on your screen resolution:
800x600, 1024x768, 1280x800 (15" laptops),
1920x1200 (17" laptops), 2560x1600
2. Right click on the image.
3. Click "Set As Background"
Note: If you're not sure of your screen resolution, just use this image, center it on your desktop background and set the background color to black.

1. Click the bookmark link on the right side of the page.
2. Click on "Email".
3. Enter your email, your friend's email, a note, click send.