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    This adjustable silicone ring is the perfect gift for primary children of all ages! Each ring features a fun design that kids will love. The ring can be easily adjusted in size for a long lasting reminder to choose the right!

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    By: Heather Thibodeaux on: 3/1/2019
    These are beautiful rings.
    I got one for my daughter and now for the primary kids.


    Childs CTR Ring

    By: Betty Hargreaves on: 6/3/2018
    I bought this for my primary class.

    Ctr rings

    By: Chandar on: 4/28/2018
    Same great quality! Shipped fast and still affordable. The kids in my class loved them as much as I did when I got one, all those many years ago ;)

    Adjustable ring

    By: Melanie on: 4/9/2018
    <p>Its so cute and pretty durable</p>

    By: Amber on: 12/27/2016
    I purchased this same ring for my seven and five year old daughters. My seven year old likes it, but it bothers my 5 year old that we just pinch the ring around her finger to get it to stay. I wore it for awhile and didn't like the feel of it either. It felt like it loosened up very quickly and I ended up taking it off when I thought it was getting too loose. I wouldn't order one of these again.